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Tips from the trainer: Using LinkedIn for business

For this week’s SM 10X30 Q&A, I’ll answer questions about using LinkedIn for business. With all the attention Facebook has been getting for overtaking Yahoo!’s No. 2 position as most popular website in the US [1] and Twitter’s announcement of 50 million tweets a day [2], LinkedIn is still one of the most relevant social media networking sites around.

As a reminder, all questions are welcome, whether you are new to social media or someone who is already very familiar. I love to help and chat about social media.  Join other social media gurus, ninjas, experts professionals on the Social Media Corner [3] group.

Q:  I represent a business so how can I take advantage of LinkedIn?

Thanks to all the SM10X30 participants who submitted their questions. Your dedication and willingness to learn are much appreciated!  Keep your questions and feedback coming!  Send me an email at nshin [at] marketwire [dot] com.

If you are part of the SM10X30 program, comment or @ me on Twitter [4] to be included in the #sm10×30 Twitter list. Here is a link [5] to follow those who are as dedicated to social media as you are.  Also, be sure to join the Facebook group [6]dedicated to SM10×30 participants.

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