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Tips from the trainer: Finding customers using Twitter and Facebook

I’m sure many of you participating in SM 10X30 – Marketwire’s Social Media Fitness Program [1] — have had thoughts of using social media as a source of lead generation. Whether you are new to social media or a grizzly veteran, always be cautious of your mindset when using social media, especially if your main objective is generating leads. You can come off as spam and you will instantly lose credibility.  In this installment of my weekly Q&A for SM 10X30 participants, I answer questions about how to prospect for leads via social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook.

As a reminder, all questions are welcome, whether you are new to social media or already very familiar. I love to help and chat about social media. Check out our SlideShare presentations [2] for exclusive tips.

Q. How do I create a list on Twitter and Facebook?

Q. Prospecting via Twitter

I am looking for is a list of local florists in Chicago, IL. How do I go about creating such a list or group? Is there a way to group together using location as a starting point? Maybe using Foursquare?

Q. Prospecting via Facebook

Is Facebook set-up the same way as Twitter? I want to find the same types of groups on Facebook, too.

Thanks to all the SM10X30 participants who submitted their questions. Your dedication and willingness to learn are much appreciated!  Keep your questions and feedback coming!  Send me an email at nshin [at] marketwire [dot] com.

If you are part of the SM10X30 program, comment or @ me on Twitter [7] to be included in the #sm10x30 Twitter list. Here is a link [8] to follow those who are as dedicated to social media as you are.  Also, be sure to join the Facebook group [9]dedicated to SM10x30 participants.

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