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Middleberg/SNCR webinar recap: Journalism, PR and a whole lot of social media love

Would you believe that more than 90 percent of journalists think that, to some extent, new media and communications tools and technologies are enhancing journalism?  The statistic is staggering, and perhaps unbelievable to those who think the practice of true journalism has no place for citizen media, Twitter and social networking.

According to the 2nd Annual Middleberg/SNCR Survey of Media in the Wired World [1], the notion that today’s journalists shun the use of social and digital tools is a myth. Instead, journalists embrace social media, using it more and more to disseminate news, find story ideas and sources, monitor sentiments and discussions, conduct research on individuals and organizations, keep up on issues and topics of interest and participate in conversations.

In a webinar hosted by researchers and survey authors Jen McClure, founder and president of the Society of New Communications Research, and Don Middleberg, SNCR senior fellow and CEO of Middleberg  Communications, the survey results painted an insightful picture into how journalists today do their jobs and tell their stories.  The research also examined the dynamic between journalists and PR professionals, how a better understanding of the changing media landscape can work to benefit both disciplines and how it can help PR work more closely and effectively with journalists.

Insights shared during the webinar include:

There is little doubt in the mind of anyone in journalism or public relations that the rough terrain that is today’s media landscape isn’t always easy to navigate and questions continue to circulate:   “Who do I communicate with?” “Where and when, and with what tools?” “Which ‘citizens’ can be trusted as legitimate sources and storytellers?” As social media continues to evolve, it will continue to beg these and other questions, all of which could greatly impact the news cycle — hopefully for the better.

Be sure to download “Top Tips for Using Social Media to Improve Your PR & Media Relations Activities [6],” for useful tips, tools and insights.

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