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Tips from the trainer: Twitter lists and Twitter search

In this installment, I’ll answer questions submitted by SM10X30 participants about Twitter lists and retweeting.

I am now following @marketwire. I saw the post asking if followers were on the #sm10x30 list. How would I go about getting on that list? 

Note:  The post to which this participant refers is: (Currently updating #sm10x30 Twitter List. Are you in the SM fitness program? RT to be included)

NS: I can add anyone to the sm10x30 list. Only the creator of a Twitter list can add users. However, let’s say that I did not know what your Twitter handle was and you saw my tweet, you would simply retweet it like this: “RT @Marketwire Currently updating #sm10x30 Twitter List. Are you in the SM fitness program? RT to be included.”

When I search for people using #sm10x30, nothing comes up.  I was going to retweet info on #sm10x30, but can I just RT something from @marketwire Twitter posts?

NS: In order to do a search for #sm10x30, you can go to Twitter search – and type in #sm10x30.  The Twitter search function does not keep tweets older than a couple weeks. You can also click on #sm10x30 whenever you see it in a tweet. If you do, this is the link you will be directed to, which is essentially the same method I explained previously:

What exactly is that “#” symbol? It is called a hashtag. Hashtags are used as a way to organize and manage searchable groups.  They are automatically linked so that when a user clicks on a hashtag, every tweet incorporating that hashtag will show up. If you don’t utilize the hashtag, it will not show up as part of that group when searching.

When you retweet, can you type an intro/comment and, if so, how is that done?

NS: Absolutely, but it depends on how you RT. There are two ways to RT:

  1. You can use the “retweet” button. If you click that button, a “retweet to your followers” message pops up. This method does NOT allow you to add a comment.
  2. You can use the original way of retweeting where you add a “RT @[username] message” and you can add a comment before or after. This requires more of a copy-and-paste process.
    Example: “RT @Marketwire Currently updating #sm10x30 Twitter List. Are you in the SM fitness program? RT to be included”

If you are part of the SM10X30 program I’d love to hear from you, so comment or @ me on Twitter to be included in the #sm10x30 Twitter list.  Here is a link to follow those who are as dedicated to social media as you are:

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