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Who’s the best source? PR vs. Social Media

It’s a communications love triangle. Who do journalists go to most for sources and story research: PR or social media? Actually, it’s not as contentious as it sounds. According to social media strategist Sally Falkow’s summation in a posting on eConsultancy [1]‘s blog , a national study found that 89 percent of the journalists polled rely on social media even though nearly half of them believe that it suffers from a “lack of fact-checking, verification and reporting standards” to make those sources credible.  As she puts it, “It’s a supplement, not a replacement.”

This is a good thing for PR. Journalists still consider the tried and true PR professional the best connection to reliable information. Yet, considering many PR departments and agencies are responsible for their clients’, not to mention their own, social media sites, it becomes doubly important to ensure content is factual and transparent. So, the symbiotic nature of the relationship becomes less a love triangle, and more a monogamous partnership — with one spouse being slightly schizophrenic.

Read Sally’s entire article [2], along with comments from readers.

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