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Marketwire lends a hand in Haiti crisis

Haiti reliefThe global response to the crisis in Haiti has been overwhelming, and the outpouring of concern for the Haitian people has been uplifting. Individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations continue to show compassion by donating money, medical assistance and other professional services to aid in the relief efforts.

Marketwire is making it possible for many donors, from large corporations to small aid agencies, to offer their support to the Haitian relief efforts.  Until February 14, 2010, Marketwire is offering free press release distribution to companies and organizations that communicate news related to Haiti and the relief effort taking place. Please read the press release [1] or contact your sales rep [2] for more information.

A few examples of client-issued releases on Haiti:

Miyamoto International
Haiti Disaster: Laying the Foundation for Recovery [3]

Canadian UNICEF Representatives in Haiti Available to Discuss Earthquake Relief Efforts [4]

Digicel and Shaggy Collaborate on Song to Raise Funds for Haiti [5]

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