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Marketwire has experts in various disciplines throughout the company who will contribute regularly to our blog.  You will find interesting articles and news items pertaining to the PR, IR and media industries, step-by-step how-to tutorials and best practices, interesting videos from around the web, and posts from the occasional celebrity guest contributor.

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Marketwired Teams Give Back to Their Communities

Marketwired employees believe in making a difference that extends beyond providing communication solutions for their clients. To give them time to devote ...

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Guiding PR Students for Success in Today’s World

By Jason Mollica At one point in our careers we were inexperienced at writing news releases, pitching the media, and understanding ...

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Does Good Social Media Mean Good PR?

[By Jason Mollica] Over the years, the silos of public relations and marketing have broken down so much that we now ...

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Any PR Professional

By Aaron Broverman Please forgive us for getting a little biblical this month, but we wondered what those seven things were ...

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